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🏈 From 2015-2021, I ran Zcruit — a software company that helps 100+ Division 1 football programs find recruits and access recruiting data and insights

🏖️ In 2022 I took a sabbatical, during which I spent a month in Hawaii, enrolled in an online writing course, spun up this blog and newsletter, brewed beer, angel invested, launched an e-commerce brand, performed standup comedy, and worked on a political campaign

💙Now, I’m an Engagement Strategist at BizLove where I help organizations transform from within and express who they are to the world

🤠 Outside of work, you can find me playing pickleball, getting in a round of bar trivia, or sampling the various taco trucks around Austin

✉️ If you’d like to follow my escapades, I share life updates via my newsletter — What a Month! It’s Ben — and would love to have you along for the ride
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